Providing transportation needs for exhibitions, events, concerts, express deliveries - with 15 years of experience.

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Deliver your shipment to almost anywhere in Europe with our vans and trucks fitted with rear panel!

“For eight years, we have only been transporting goods with Gabriel Transport mainly to Germany and Switzerland. The cargo always reaches its destination on time, and any questions that arise along the way are immediately resolved. They are fair, flexible, and infinitely customer-centric. "

Péter Kovács, logistics manager

“I was looking for an international forwarder who has a truck with a rear panel because I couldn’t handle the unloading at the destination. Gábor's driver is careful to unload the goods, there has never been any problem, even though we have been transporting with them very often.”

László Szántai, company manager

We provide a solution for all logistics and shipping issues. We will follow the journey of the goods from the arrival to delivery.

International and domestic transport
Air freight

You would engage in purchase and sale of products, but:

You are not able to maintain your own warehouse, employ warehouse workers, buy machine tools?

You do not want to store your inventory yourself?

You do not want to buy your own vehicles?

You own a car, but its maintenance and fueling costs too much?

You cannot find reliable workforce?

You would need a transport vehicle fitted with rear panel?

With us, you will find a solution to all your warehousing and shipping problems: in one place, with reliable professionals and extensive experience.

Gabriel Transport has been helping companies sourcing and selling products for 15 years. We provide professional storage of dry goods in our warehouse in Dunaharaszti, on a Schaffer pallet racking system.

Part of our car fleet consists of trucks with a rear wall capacity of 7.5-18 tons with a capacity of 16-23 pallets, most of which can be towed by crane. The other part of the fleet consists of 24t installments. We ship to all countries of the European Union. We also undertake transport outside the EU, the most common of which are Switzerland and Norway.

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Our customers said

“At Gábor, the shipping process has been running smoothly from the beginning. They are fast, accurate, and available if you have any questions. We have worked with them several times, I recommend them to anyone who wants an effective solution. ”

Gergely Vass, project manager